Monday, May 12, 2008

How Do I Move On?

Q. Dear Jackie & Jared, I'm in lust/love with this guy, "Charlie", who is totally hot, smart and funny. We hang out together all the time, and he even texts me when he goes out on dates with other women. I know I should try to date other guys, but every time I go out on a date with another guy, Charlie shows up and we end up hanging out together. Do you think that there's a chance he may be interested in me and just playing hard to get?

Jonesing for Mr. Wrong

A. Dear Jonesies, your mom was right about men. Men are hunters, we don't play hard to get, if we like you, we're very easy to get (though we do love women who are hard to get). In fact, if you think a guy is hard to get, it's because he doesn't want to bang ya. A guy who's into you will let you know it. That's the hard truth that women delude themselves into thinking that maybe, just maybe, he could be shy? Know this: if you look into a guy's eyes and don't see lust staring at you, move on.

Your Big Brother,

Dear JFMW,

Don't waste your childbearing years on some loser who doesn't value you for the beautiful woman that you are! Get out there and start dating other hotties! Who knows, maybe Mr. Wrong may come around when he realizes that he may lose you.


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