Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Love My Puss

Q. Dear Jackie & Jared, I'm an attractive, smart and successful woman in her mid-thirties. I have been single for over five years, and I've gone on about ten dates in that period of time. I've heard that women are supposed to reach their sexual peak in their thirties, but lately I find myself wanting to spend more and more time playing with my newly-adopted kitty rather than chasing the Big 'O. What's wrong with me?

-- Cat Woman

A. Dear Cat, Stop petting your puss and start tapping the cock.

-- Jared

Dear C.W.,

Even though you may find your cat better company than 90% of the male population, resist the urge to become THAT cat lady. Get out there woman. You will have to kiss 100 rats before you find the big cheese, but no one said the search for love is easy. Maybe join a local cat-lovers association and perhaps your dream love will also be a puss lover.

Go catnip!

-- Jackie

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